Friday, September 4, 2009

That face

If they ever carve a Mt. Rushmore of rock icons, Keith Richards should be the first face.

Has anyone else ever so perfectly match their persona as this man at this time?

I don't want to meet Keith Richards or know him in any way. I just want to know that his coolness is out there in the world somewhere.


  1. I once saw news film of the Stones arriving in New York at the completion of a world tour. Keith decended the stairs of the plane and knelt at the feet of Patti Hansen as she stood waiting for him. He then bent completely to the ground and kissed her shoes. Considering how most 'rock stars' treat women, I found this truly amazing. I've been in awe of him ever since. He plays the guitar good too!

  2. I never heard that story, but how cool is he for doing that?