Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stylish movie

I happened to catch this movie by chance last night. It was right at the part where the Cary Grant character gets off the bus in the middle of nowhere and is being attacked by the cropduster.

This Alfred Hitchcock movie just oozes style, from the title sequence to the score, to the cinematography, the costumes and on and on. The the locations are epic American: the United Nations building, Grand Central Terminal, the Twentieth Century Ltd. train, that Indiana countryside, the house that juts out over a cliff, which was in fact built for the movie in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, and of course Mount Rushmore.

I love the look of all of the characters, particularly how the men all looked elegant, of course Cary Grant can't help but look elegant, but even the villians looked handsome and refined. And Eva Marie Saint had that classic, cool blondeness and looked so lethal in her ladylike dresses.

I would watch this one just for the look of it, but like many Hitchcock movies there is a lot to pay attention to and even after all these years I still something I never noticed before. That's what makes a movie a classic.

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