Saturday, September 19, 2009

The great tablescape

One of my favorite ways to put the finishing touch on a room or to re-invigorate the decor of a space is to gather up a group of items and make that a feature of the design.

One example of this is a tablescape which is a hallmark of the designer David Hicks. Mr. Hicks was one of the best known and copied decorators of his time and many of his signature looks are still used and beloved.

He would amass a collection in a small area, typically on a coffee table or side table, and the components would contribute color, texture and energy to a space. The items could be things that were related in some way or completely random pieces that Mr. Hicks thought would look good together.

This is great way to inject personality and whimsy into a room. So be playful or autobiographical and try it: take a tray, toss a book or two, maybe a candle, a small picture frame and whatever else makes you smile when you look at it. Play around with displaying it on the tray, and feel free to change things in or out.

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