Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm not going back to school, but if I were, I know what I would wear on the first day.
I would wear a new white shirt, crisp, not wrinkly, cuffs rolled up, not folded.
This may be the most underrated item in the closet. It can go with anything. It can go anywhere. It flatters everyone. It is available at any price range.
If you want to get the most from your wardrobe budget, start here. It will be the perfect foundation for anything else you add and it will instantly update the clothes you already have.
The look is at once chic, snappy and glamorous.

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  1. I still remember going with an old boyfriend to some womens home in Philly. She was older than me, probably in her 20s. (this was a very long time ago!) And I thought she was incredably sophisticated. I remember she was staining an old spindlebacked wooden chair. She had on a white man's shirt over jeans, barefoot and red lipstick. Impossibly chic and worldly looking, to my teenager eyes.I still love that look.