Monday, September 7, 2009


As a general rule, I'd rather be home more than anyplace else in the world, but I have a never-ending curiosity about the way other people live. I would love it if you took the time to tell me about your home. What do you love about your home? What do you not love? What is your favorite thing in your home? Where do find yourself spending the most time when you are home? When you are not at home, what do you miss? What do want to change about the way you live? Whose is the most memorable home you've ever been in and why?
I can't wait to read your answers and I will post mine next time.


  1. I love so many things about my home!
    The wall of windows that let in all the light, the view of Miami from Key Biscayne to North Miami, being on the water, sinking into the cushions of my sofas, king size feather pillows on my bed, the big farm table, my desk and chair on wheels so I can zoom around (I love furniture on wheels!), the champagne glasses that I’ve been given and collected through the years- each on reminding me of someone or something special, my BATHTUB!!!! It is huge and even a quick bath is still luxurious…..And flowers! More important to me than food! They are everywhere from fresh flowers in vases to the print on the sofas and the pattern on my dishes….I love my home and am grateful for it, still, what I love most, and what matters most, is when my family and friends are there with me. Because, after all, no matter what the view is or the size of the tub, no matter how lovely the flowers are, my home is most beautiful and comforting when the people I love are there with me.

  2. This is not so much about home, but more of a comment on the perfect day I'm having in my home today. While still celebrating my birthday, I am watching the New York Yankees play an old-time holiday afternoon ball game from the New Yankee Stadium (which is so retro I'm waiting for Joe Peppitione to come to bat).
    The sounds of kids splashing at the pool below is taking me back to Medford NJ. As my lovely wife reads a book with both of our cats lay on her. Determined to not leave my home, I call and order delivery from my restaraunt. Within minutes (it's good to be the boss) I was eating the BEST Cheesesteak I ever had! Mushrooms,onions, hots. Our side Pizza of pepperoni. red onions, button mushrooms (1/2 anchovy) was the BOMB!!
    To me this what a home is about. The quality of life you spend in the home is far greater than asthetic. It's the 8th inning so one aspect of my day is coming to and end, not to worry it's a Double-Header. Game 2 starts @ 6:oo. I told you it was a perfect day.
    Happy Labor Day!

  3. When I thought about answering the questions you put here, I occured to me that food must play a reaaly big part in my life. My dining room is my favorite room in my house. It's very open with a wall of windows on one side and glass doors at one end; so there's lots of light and a nice view of my back deck. There's also that fabulous table which dominates the room. It was custom built by my brother-in-law (who is a genius at making furniture). It seats twelve comfortably; but we've crowded fourteen in at times. And I guess that's another reason that I love this room. Being Italian, we love to gather together around the table with family and friends and lots of delicious food. This is where holidays and parties all take place. This is where memories are made. Come to think of it, one of my favorite rooms was in my friend Sam's former house in Coconut Grove, Fl. It was not a hugh room but it was oval so that made it interesting. The walls were a chinese red. The furniture was black laquer. And yes, it was a dining room.

  4. what i love about my home is intangible. it is the energy here. my life in this home is like a child's who wakes up every morning and pops out of bed eager to enjoy the adventures of the day. this feeling came with the house. it must have been cast by the magic wand the little girl who lived here held in her hand the day i first stepped through the door.

  5. I am sitting at my kitchen island early Sunday morning. my window faces south and I look outside and see my sunflowers and the old birdfeeder in the garden. I plant sunflowers in other parts of the garden but I love these because they are "volunteers" that spill from the feeder. I like the island especially when there are friends and family around it having a glass of wine and enjoying something I've put together. I always keep pasta (plenty of basil in the garden for a quick pesto), good cheeses, olives and ,in season, heirloom tomatos .

  6. nonni says her porch is her favorite room, that is where hallie sits in her pink and white polka white bed and watch the chameleons scurry. It is where I sit in my wicker chair and listen to T- pain, and Sinatra, god bless.