Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love L.A.

This was my favorite work of art at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. This Giacometti sculpture is in the lobby of the Getty Museum. The building was designed by Richard Meier and the style is pure Los Angeles. Clean lines, acres of glass letting the sunshine fill the space, pristine white against all the greenery.

The general feeling I take away from Los Angeles is laid-back luxe. There is style, but nothing is in-your-face. The women all look natural; everyone seemed to have great skin and hair, as if they were all the offspring of models. Just very fresh, pretty and friendly.

I also noticed the way the women in L.A. wear clothes. They wear the current fashion, but in their way. Skinny jeans, slouchy tees, shorts with heels, but it doesn't look fierce or forced. There is always some skin showing, but not in the obvious places.

L.A. is such a counterpart to Miami. The two cities have so much in common, but the aesthetics are worlds apart. I appreciate both.

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