Sunday, September 6, 2009


I am obsessed with lipstick.

Which is odd because for my entire life I've only ever worn some sublte shade of beige. But here's the thing about lipstick; it's very satisfying to shop for. If you've ever walked into a sephora and seen the selection there, you just know you will find the one lipstick that is maybe in the tiniest way a vast improvement on the lipstick you are currently wearing. Maybe it's shinier or shearer or pinker, but you swipe it on the top of your left hand and you think: this is it...this is the lipstick I will wear from now on..this is the perfect shade...this is the color that will make it okay for me to run around the world without any make-up at all on and still look amazing!

I read recently about a phenomena that economists call the 'lipstick index'. When the economy goes down, lipstick sales shoot up. The idea being that lipstick is an affordable luxury, so when we may be reluctant to spend money on big-ticket items for ourselves we will buy lipstick. Even if you buy the most expensive lipstick you're maybe out about twenty-five dollars. This is a small price to pay to walk out the door feeling like the most together woman in the world. So if you want something new but you don't like, won't wear or can't afford what is available, go buy lipstick. Get two.

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