Monday, September 21, 2009

The Palm Beach story

Palm Beach is a jewel of a town. It is a priveleged, pristine part of the nation and a place that has become so iconic that the name itself is shorthand for the best that is the United States.
There is the natural beauty of fourteen miles of oceanfront real estate dotted with white houses on perfectly manicured parcels of land, and Worth Avenue, the fittingly named shopping thoroughfare in the town where only the best of the best luxury goods purveyors are lined up side by side like the designer shoes inside the Vogue magazine accessories closet.
And then there is The Breakers. This is the kind of place that honeymoons were invented for. The kind of place where fourteen dollars for pancakes does not seem unreasonable. The kind of place where you can have a choice of pools to enjoy based on the level of serenity you're after.
Only in Palm Beach.

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