Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A house is not just a home...

They say that people tend to resemble their dogs, or is it vice-versa? Anyway, I am more inclined to see a similarity between a person's personal style and their home decor. It makes sense to want to surround yourself with the colors and styles that you also choose to wear.
This is a photograph of Kelly Klein at her home in Wellington, Florida, from a photo shoot for Elle Decor magazine. Her living room is clean and classic with sophisticated details and natural elements, which is how I would also descibe her look.
Think about this the next time you are at someone's home, or better yet take a look around your own and see if it refects you back.


  1. This is Ila...Pam's friend in VA.

    How are you? I check your page from time to time and was glad to see you posted today. Take care...

  2. Hi Ila...thanks for staying tuned in...I was busy with work and renovations and neglected the blog for a bit, but I am feeling inspired lately...hope you continue to enjoy it!