Saturday, October 3, 2009

Favorite things

Here are three of my favorite pieces from The Arco floor lamp, the Saarinen table and the Louis Ghost chair.
They are most definitely iconic mid-century modern designs, but insert any one of them into a traditional space and the effect is like wearing Levi's with a Chanel jacket; it takes the seriousness out of the equation.
For me the beauty of these items in particular is the idea that there is nothing extraneous to them. The way the lamp swans over in that elegant curve is so unlike the typical floor or table lamp; it illuminates exactly what you want illuminated. The table takes the heft of ancient marble and whittles it down into a smooth, cool disc with a super practical sleek, round base. And the chair updates the classic Louis IVX style by rendering it in acrylic of all things.
Another example of the beauty of simplicity.

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