Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simple, perfect style

See, this is what I mean about style. So simple, so perfect.
We recently got an amazonKindle in our home. The idea that it stores all of your books inside itself appeals to the minimalist in me. The look of it, kind of futuristic but not at all "tricked out" with useless stuff all over it appeals to the design lover in me.
The best thing about it for me is...60 seconds! That is all it takes to get the latest thing you want to read. So now I want to download and read John Adams by David McCullough beacause I heard that President Obama has included it in his collection of vacation reading material. I thought about reading that one for a couple of years now, but since I heard that the President will be reading it, I have to read it right now.


  1. John Adams by McCullough is a great book. Enjoy!

  2. Who wants to read about John Adams? I did and you will too. What a fascinating life and McCullogh really makes it move along. After you read this you might want to catch the HBO mini series with Paul Giamatti in the title role and the woefully underrated Laura Linney as Abagail.